Sunday, September 24, 2017

Ninja, castles, and more

Hopefully you were able to see the videos of the Ninja Course in PE.  It was a big hit with the students.  If you missed it here is the Facebook link

Students also learned how to build hula hoop castles.  They were given several challenges where they needed to work with their teammates.  

Students in 1st and Kindergarten learned how to travel on scooters.  2nd-5th played Surfers and Sharks with the scooters.

Grades 4-5 peer assessed the trunk lift.  This is a test for back strength and flexibility.

Students also used the new theme in the fitness room this past week.  It is fitness stations using the railyard system.

Hopefully the hot weather will break this week and we can get outside to finish our soccer unit.  

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Soccer and Ninja Warrior

Dear Parents,

This week in PE we continued with soccer skills.  4th and 5th took the PACER (aerobic capacity) assessment.  Grades K-2 worked on galloping. We took a break from our soccer unit for the Ninja Warrior Challenge.  I try to do some sort of special obstacle course/theme stations every 2 months or so.  Our next theme station event will be the Haunted Gym.  If your child has limitations on Halloween celebrations please send me an email so I can meet the needs or your child.
Today we had to share the field for a few minutes with the geese.  I love this picture but the student did like it as much so I blocked out his face.  I told him I would send it to his mom because she would love it.
Below are pictures of the Ninja Warrior Course.  Even Mrs. Skouby and Mr. Eickhoff tried it out.   More pictures and videos are on the Sappington Physical Education Facebook page.

Thank you for the SPTG teacher grants!  I like to use the money to shop at Goodwill for bargains for the gym.  Ask your students about jumping over the foam block on the mini trampoline during the ninja course. Those items were purchased with SPTG money at a thrift store.  

I have posted a project on Donors Choose.  It is still in the review stages but please feel free to share it with possible donors.  The items I have requested will be used to for students who have special needs. Here is the link.

Name update-
Still working on names!  I am getting better.  Mrs. Hadler takes one class and I take another.  We work on the names in the class (divide and conquer).  After a quick glance of the names at the beginning of class I do a pretty good job.  I believe the same goes with her.  Outside of the gym I am getting a few more especially when I practice at parent drop off.  The students are very cute about it.  I often can tell them where they sit in their squad which is strange that is what I can remember.  One thing that I want to point out is that I have never in all my years of teaching has so many boys with blonde hair!   

Soon you will receive an email from Mrs. Hadler about the Go St. Louis Read, Right and Run program.  We will be talking about the program in class today and tomorrow. 

Friday, July 28, 2017

Welcome to the 2017-2018 School Year!

My name is Mary Driemeyer.  I have been teaching at Sappington Elementary for over 20 years.  I have lost count at 20.  My teaching assistant is Brooke Hadler.  She was formally a teaching assistant at Wydown Middle School in Clayton.  I am very excited to welcome back Sappington students and welcome new students to our Sappington family.  This is a new beginning for us and I can not wait to see where it takes us.

My primary way of communication is via email- and Facebook   Please "like" the Facebook page to see updates.  Make sure your setting for the page is "Following" or "Notifications."  It may give you the option for "highlights" or "all posts."  Please choose "all posts" so you don't miss anything.  Often you will not see posts if you do not adjust your settings.  If you need help with this please let me know.

Please refer to the menu on right to learn more about a few of our special programs.

Here is a list of some of our special events, programs, units and unique offerings:

  • Armband heart rate monitoring for 4th and 5th
  • Wellness Room (new this year)
  • Jump Rope for Heart
  • Archery Club
  • Go! St. Louis Read, Right and Run
  • Girls on the Run (run by Sappington staff)
  • Special obstacle courses/stations-Spooky Stations, Heart Obstacle Course, Outdoor Adventure/Water Safety Stations, Ninja Course (new), Holiday Activities, Outdoor Recreation Stations, Fire Combat/Safety Stations (new), Crazy Bowling and more
  • Train Like an Astronaut (TLA) for 2nd and 3rd-this is a one of a kind program directly from NASA and supported by NASA.  I went to Johnson Space Center in Houston.  I met with astronauts, scientist, people who work in Mission Control and engineers.  During the trip, I was able to work with NASA to revise the TLA program.  I have taken what I have learned and used it in PE class.  Kids love SPACE!!
  • Sadly the district has discontinued inflatables at all the schools.  It will only be offered at Summer Enrichment.  The repair and labor of the inflatable have become too costly for the district.
  • Have you seen our big, beautiful field!  Students have enough room to use the field for recess and PE at the same time!
  • Recess equipment check out.  
  • Tennis shoe check out
  • and MORE
I believe in Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.  If you have any unwanted fitness, sports or items you believe PE and recess could use please consider donating them.  I am not requesting items be purchased but if you are planning to donate these items because you no longer have a use for them that would be great!

Here is a list of possible items:
  • Water noodle ANY CONDITION
  • Sports balls-any type
  • Small fitness equipment like weights, bosu balls, exercise balls, mats (not large items like treadmills)
  • Gymnastic or tumbling equipment
  • Outdoor recreation items like corn hole, ladders, washers
  • Storage bins
  • Board Games (for classroom teacher-indoor recess)
  • Cones, goals
  • Balance boards, circus-type items
  • Paddle, rackets, scoops
  • Gently used tennis shoes and socks (prefer the tennis shoes not be gender specific but any shoe we can't use we donate).
  • Kickboxing bags or Martial Arts items